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Aquatic Biologists, Inc. (also known as ABI) is a full service lake and pond management company, providing the most complete array of aquatic products and services available for over 40 years. Our fully degreed biologists and licensed applicators are available to assist you with all your lake and pond needs from construction design to long term management planning and maintenance.

ABI can assist you in restoring the ecological balance to your lake or pond while maintaining and increasing the aesthetic beauty, functional integrity and personal enjoyment of your property rather than constantly fighting nuisance aquatic weeds, algae, and poor water quality.

ABI's on site lake and pond management services are available throughout Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. For those living outside ABI's normal service area, our in house biologists are available by phone or email. We specialize in lake and pond management programs utilizing a wide variety of quality products and services for algae and aquatic vegetation management, fountain and aerator installation and service, fisheries management, biological augmentation, wildlife and habitat management services, and much more.

Our biologists are licensed, certified, and fully insured herbicide applicators with degrees in limnology, watershed management, fisheries, natural resource management, water resource management, and biology.

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Algae and Weed Guide


Not sure what chemical to use, but you know you can identify problem weeds & algae with a little help? Then this handy guide is for you.

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On Site Services


ABI offers a wide varity of unsite services. Everything from algae and weed control, to fountain installation, to fish stocking and more!