General Wisconsin Pond Information


Chapter NR 107 - Aquatic Plant Management - Discusses the laws governing aquatic plant management in Wisconsin.

Chapter NR 109 - Aquatic Plants: Introduction, Manual Removal, and Mechanical Control Regulations - Discusses the laws governing introduction and removal of aquatic plants in Wisconsin.

Lake Ecology Primer - Explains the connections among the physical, chemical and biological components of lakes.

Lake Information - Lake Baseā„¢ - Find lake information for all 50 states.

Lake-Link.comAn informational site offering a lake database, fishing reports, articles, tips, and tactics.

NM State University - PDF article developed to help pond owners understand water quality parameters within their ponds.

WDNR Aquatic Plant Control Information - Description of the regulation and permites governing new or existing aquaculture ponds in Wisconsin.

WDNR Dredging Information - Dredging information from the WDNR including links to applications and permits.

WDNR Pond Construction Information - Wisconsin State Statutes require a person to obtain a permit if they plan to construct, dredge, or enlarge a pond or artificial waterbody, or any part of either that is connected to a navigable waterway, located within 500 feet of a navigable waterway, or constructed within a wetland.

Wisconsin Fishing Regulations - 2012- 2013 Fishing Regulations from the WDNR site.

Wisconsin Invasive Species - Invasive species factsheets, photos, and distribution maps.

Wisconsin Lake Maps - Search for detailed lake maps by county. Shows depth contours, bottom types, acreage, and shoreline lengths.

Wisconsin Pesticide Pollutant Discharge Permits- These Clean Water Act permits were developed by the WI DNR to comply with the Federal 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Cotton Council decision (PDF, 65KB).