Housing and Condo Developments

Optimizing the pond in your housing or condo development offers many quality-of-life improvements that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Residents will have the opportunity to experience the beauty and closeness of nature by fishing, having picnics, observing wildlife and taking walks by the pond.

We offer low cost alternatives for dramatic displays and fountains as well as natural, low maintenance alternatives for pond management.

  • Stock your pond for recreational fishing. We carry a full line of fish varieties for stocking.
  • Work with us to choose environmentally-friendly options that will help attract and retain residents.
  • Manage your wastewater treatment for rural locations using our innovative green technologies that meet EPA guidelines while reducing cost of construction and operation.
  • We offer retention basin management and equipment.
  • Choose from our variety of decorative wetland plants for landscaping in and around the edge of the water.