Irrigation Ponds

Maintenance of irrigation reservoirs is challenged by water level fluctuations, entrainment of debris on pump intakes, and less than perfect sources of water. Often, well water sources have problematic levels of iron or hydrogen sulfide and require treatment before use. Watershed water sources can contain excess nutrients and troublesome silt.

Typically, the size of a reservoir is designed to optimize fluctuating demands for the water and yet allow adequate retention times for settling of suspended particles. There are several biological and chemical approaches that can be used to optimize the performance of these reservoirs. Natural biological treatment using algae, bacteria and zooplankton can be enhanced to improve water quality. Filter feeding fish and invertebrates can also be utilized for these purposes.

If well maintained, reservoirs can be completely algae free with clear water. White Amur fish can be stocked in your pond to remove vegetative growth when appropriately stocked. We can help you determine the amount of fish you'll need based on the size and age of your pond as well as nutrient levels. Stocking White Amur instead of using algaecides avoids the use of chemicals that can impact turf grass being irrigated. Using these fish to clean the water is not only a better choice for the environment, but also reduces the maintenance cost required to manage your pond.

Proper aeration also plays a crucial role in maintaining a clean, effective irrigation reservoir. High-flow aerators and deep water circulators help stabilize oxygen levels throughout the different layers of water in your pond. This process promotes the natural decomposition of organic debris in bottom sediments which otherwise degrade water quality and the life of the pond.

When irrigation reservoirs are being used to provide a domestic water supply, extra care is needed to achieve required quality standards. Using a properly aerated reservoir can eliminate the sulfur odors and the unpleasant off-flavors of blue-green algae blooms as well as other unwanted organisms.