Koi Ponds

Like a garden pond, a koi pond can provide hours of viewing pleasure to most landscapes. Koi ponds require a lot of planning before digging and we recommend consulting a professional who regularly designs koi ponds. (ABI does not normally build koi ponds, but we do maintain them with select products for some of our clients who have large lakes and ponds). If you choose to build a koi pond yourself there are several things to keep in mind before digging the pond.

Building a Koi Pond Yourself

A successful koi pond is basically a water treatment plant with fish swimming in it. If you can make it look good at the same time, then you have succeeded. Koi produce a lot of waste. As such, the main goal when designing a koi pond is providing a constant supply of clean, well-oxygenated water in which they can flourish.  In order to accomplish this some equipment is required such as a filter system, uv filters, bacteria and enzyme additives, skimmers, bottom drain, an auto-fill, electricity supply, heaters and water treatment devices.

It's temping to use a preformed pond basin from the local hardware store, but keep in mind koi grow fast (about 24" of larger)! The smallest koi pond we recommend is 1500 gallons (about 7' wide x 8' long x 4' deep). The largest koi pond we recommend is15,000 gallons (about 17' wide x 21' long x 6' deep). Koi ponds larger than tihis make it hard to see the koi, medicate the pond or catch the koi if you need too.

Locate the koi pond in a shaded area to slow algae growth and prevent the water from getting too warm during the summer. Once you have chosen a the location use a garden hose to outline the size and shape of the pond. This can be extremely helpful in giving you a better idea of exactly how the pond will look. Koi ponds should be at least 3 feet deep (4 is better) and should have no areas shallower than 2 feet. Any areas shallower than 2 feet means dinner time for any blue herons or raccoons in your area.

Maintaining Your Koi Pond

While ABI does not currently build Koi Ponds (we specialize in LARGE ponds and lakes) we do carry some basic products to help our clients who have Koi Ponds in addition to their larger lakes and ponds. Our current product line includes...

Design Installation & Renovation

Aquatic Biologists, Inc. specialty is designing and maintaining lakes and large ponds. For assistance in designing, installing or renovating your watergarden we suggest contacting one of the companies listed below who specialize in this specific type of pond. Please tell them Aquatic Biologists, Inc sent you!




Illinois - Environmental Aquatic Management Phone: (847) 960-7252 (They also stock swans)

Michigan - Beautiful Ponds & Gardens Phone: (313) 383-8653 E-Mail: skippys@provide.net