Retention Basins

The use of retention basins are an important way to prevent flooding and downstream erosion, and improve water quality in an adjacent river, stream, lake or bay. However, these basins often have challenges of their own.

Mosquito Control - Without natural predators, mosquito populations can quickly become a health hazard. Stocking certain types of native fish in your retention basin can help control the mosquito population by feeding on their aquatic larvae. We sell several species of native minnows for this purpose.

Odor Control - Installing an aerator adds oxygen to improve water quality and prevent offensive odors from anaerobic sediments. Supplemental aeration also allows aerobic bacteria to decompose organic matter and debris. Some aeration devices can be adapted for intermittent water levels and to meet new EPA guidelines for reducing suspended solids. View our online catalog to find the aerator that best suits your needs.

Runoff Control - Wetland plants can be used to filter the outfall area of the retention basin and reduce the release of sediments and solids.