Aquatic Biologists, Inc. primarily uses self-sinking airhose for the aeration systems we design though we do have poly pipe available. Poly pipe is generally used when our customers are on a tight budget, More commonly our field technicians will trench the poly pipe from the compressor to the shoreline where they will than connect the poly pipe to our self sinking air hose. Manufactured in the USA exclusively for ABI and our distributors.


Manufactured Specifically to Aerate Lakes and Ponds
I.D. 1/2" 5/8"
Weight per Foot (lb.) .4518 .4471 Order Online
Outside Diameter (inches)+-.010 1.00 1.065 Order Online

When ordinary hose is used to deliver air from a compressor to a diffuser, it floats to the water surface. One solution is to tie bricks onto aeration hose, but the hose still floats in between the bricks, and the bricks eventually deteriorate. A better solution is to use our self-sinking air hose, a heavy wall black tubing made from a very dense PVC compound. This self sinking air hose is designed to sink to the bottom of your pond without additional weight. The black color easily disguises it on the pond bottom, and is extraordinarily tough and abuse resistant. Available in 100' Coils or 500' Reels.

  • Safe for use in an aquatic environment
  • Available in coils or reels to limiting splicing
  • Extremely durable PVC can easily be moved in and out of the water
  • Remains flexible even in cold weather & resists kinking during diffuser maintenance
  • Inside diameter is smooth bore finish for less resistance
  • Greater resistance to beaver and muskrat damage
  • No bricks to deal with for ballast and no brick tying savings installation time
  • Limited visibility as this line lies on the bottom and works into the sediment