Wind Powered Aerator

Although not nearly as efficient as diffused air systems, windmill aerators are a great option for remote ponds. The windmill can be located hundreds of feet from the pond. Allowing placement in the windiest location. Tubing is run from the windmill to a diffuser at the bottom of the pond. Choose from 12' to 20' tower. Double diaphragm windmills are also available, which increase windmill efficiency by 240 percent. Diffuser depth placement is very important. Do not install below the thermocline.

Solar Powered Aerators

Solar Powered units are available - Consult with an ABI representative.

Ice Domes

Winter aeration will maintain open water. This may pose a problem to people or animals falling through the ice. Ice domes solve this problem by allowing the diffused air to escape up through the dome vent. This allows ice to form around the dome. Ice domes may also discourage geese from staying around too long in the fall.