Water Circulators

Directional flow aeration equipments draws oxygen from above the water's surface through an air-intake tube powered by a submerged electric motor. The oxygen enters the propeller chamber, where it is mixed rapidly by a specially designed propeller. The propeller breaks down the aspirated oxygen into fine bubbles while mixing them with water entering through the protected intake chamber. These bubbles are then thrust via the propeller into the water, providing horizontal circulation of oxygen.

Aquatic Biologists, Inc. utilizes both Kasco Marine Circulators & AquaMaster UltiMax Air injectors.

Kasco Circulators/De-Icers






Water movers are great for shallow ponds where diffused aeration is inefficient. Moving water insures that otherwise stagnant areas receive oxygenated surface waters. The moving water is also a deterrent to unwanted algae growth.

Kasco water circulators are ideal for creating directional water flow in your pond or lake. This transforms still, stagnant water into a stream environment and helps add vital oxygen. Still, stagnant water promotes the growth of unwanted surface and bottom vegetation such as algae. By eliminating the stagnant water, the water circulators help limit the growth of the unwanted aquatic plants and keep your pond cleaner.

Stagnant water contributes to rapid mosquito reproduction, including those that may carry the West Nile Virus. Creating a stream environment helps limit mosquito reproduction and thereby helps control the overall population of mosquitoes in your area.

Kascos can also be used to reduce organic sediment by moving oxygenated water toward the bottom of the pond. This replenishes the bottom oxygen content, and encouraging the growth of microbial organismskascomarine-dock-mount. Kascos can also be used to keep open water during the winter. They are great for around boat docks.

An optional dock mount is available to attach directly to a boat dock or a treated 4x4 spike driven into the pond bottom. They can also be suspended from a float ring.

Kasco Circulator Features and Benefits
  • Efficient / Low Power Use: Highest efficiency design for low power consumption versus competing units. Reduces operating costs over the entire life of the unit.
  • Rugged Motor: Environmentally friendly design with a hard-face internal mechanical seal for protection against leaks. Long-life top and bottom ball bearings. Flood oil lubricated for excellent heat dissipation.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Superior dependability in salt-water or other corrosive environments. All external metal motor, float, and hardware components are of stainless steel composition and protected by a sacrificial zinc anode.
  • Low Maintenance: Clean the motor housing once or twice per year and replacing the sacrificial zinc anode when visibly corroded.
  • Fully Tested: ETL listed to stringent UL and CSA Safety Standards
  • Ships Easily: Via UPS
  • Dependable: Backed by a 2 year warranty on 1/2-1HP

All models include a float and two (or three) 50′ braided nylon mooring ropes and are available with 50′, 100′, 150′, or 200′ (250′, 300′, 400′, or 500′ for 240V models) SJTOW underwater rated electrical power cords.

AquaMaster Ultimax

This series of aerators provides horizontal circulation of water and oxygen at or below the surface. Powered by our exclusive submerged electric motor, the specifically designed propeller circulates water directionally. Available in mixer, aspirator, surface float, or bottom fixed base versions.


ULTIMAX Features and Advantages:
  • UL, cUL Listed & CE Recognized
  • Low profile motor mounted below waterline
  • Submerged oil-cooled motor for long life
  • Shrouded propeller for greater circulation
  • Adjustable attack angle for greatest efficiency
  • Up to 130 cubic ft./min. air injection
  • Up to 60 lbs. of thrust for maximum circulation
  • 1/2 to 5 HP; single and three phase motors
  • Stainless steel motor housings
  • 3 Year Warranty, 1HP & up
  • 3 Year no internal maintenance guarantee 1HP & up
  • 2 Year Warranty, 1/2 HP
  • ULTIMAX Aeration Systems are also available Fixed Base Mounted.