Aquatic Chemicals (Herbicides & Algaecides)

Aquatic Biologists recommends using only United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)* aquatic chemicals in your lake or pond. EPA approved and registered aquatic chemicals achieve this designation only after having undergone rigorous environmental and safety testing.

Aquatic chemicals fall into two groups; aquatic herbicides or aquatic algaecides. Both aquatic herbicides and algaecides are specifically formulated for use in water to kill or control aquatic weeds and algae. Always use herbicides and algaecides according to the product label.

For controlling muck, our Bio Boost Muck Digester Pellets are a sludge removal tool.


Aquatic Herbicides
Aquatic Algaecides
Beneficial Bacteria & Enzymes
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Used primarily for nuisance weed control. Used primarily for algae control. Used for preventative maintenance.


* Some individual states impose additional regulations for legal application. Check with your local regulatory agency prior to applying any algaecide or herbicide to your lake or pond. Permits are required prior to application in the majority of states.
* We do not ship EPA registered Algaecides or Herbicides to the following states:

Alaska - California - Connecticut - Delaware -  Hawaii - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New York - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts  -Oregon - Rhode Island - Washington State - Vermont (for additional information about these restrictions please see shipping or terms and conditions).


Michigan Shipments

Aquathol K, Reward, Weedtrine D, & Sonar products can not be shipped without a permit on file.