Excessive aquatic plant and algae growth is one of the most frequent and frustrating problems encountered by lake and pond property owners throughout the country. Aquatic Biologists, Inc. offers an extensive variety of products, equipment, herbicides, and algaecides designed to treat and/or control nuisance aquatic plants and algae. We encourage our clients to direct their lake and pond management plans at identifying the cause of their nuisance issues, preventing nutrient loading and reducing organic accumulation. If your pond requires treatment, more than 3 times a season please call for other preventative maintenance options.

Lake and pond spraying is available upon request throughout Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Northwestern Iowa, Western Minnesota and Upper Michigan. Our commercial applicators are trained, degreed, licensed, certified, and insured. Contact ABI to schedule an appointment or consultation.

Aquatic Biologists, Inc. carries only EPA registered herbicides and algaecides. On average, each of the products we carry has gone through 10 years of research to determine its toxicity level to humans, fish, wildlife, and the environment before being approved by the EPA. It is very important to only use products that are registered for use in ponds & lakes to control weeds and algae. Products that are not registered for aquatic use (such as Roundup) have been known to cause fish kills, disrupt the ecological balance of the water body, kill trees on the shoreline, trigger mutations to fish, amphibians, and/or other wildlife and may even have harmful effects on humans.

When treating for weeds or algae, oxygen depletion must be kept in mind. Killing too much vegetation can result in a fish kill from lack of oxygen. Aeration

Before treatment, always ensure the weeds and algae you are planning to treat have been properly identified. Read the product label. Follow all application rates and dilution rates exactly. Do not mix products together unless specified on the label. Check for any restrictions including; swimming, fishing, fish consumption, irrigation, animal watering, drinking water, etc. Follow all safety procedures listed on the label when applying chemicals including wearing protective clothing such as gloves, goggles, and possibly a respirator may be necessary.

Herbicide/Algaecide Application: If herbicide application is recommended for reducing excessive aquatic plant and algae growth, proper identification of the nuisance weed assures the correct product for appropriate control. In Wisconsin and other states, chemical use permits are required for all herbicide/algaecide applications or you must have in place a current Type I or Type II fish farm license. Check with your local and/or state regulatory group for specific requirements. In order to apply chemicals in liquid form within Wisconsin, the applicator must be licensed with the State. Wisconsin pond owners - contact the Department of Agriculture at 608-224-4887 for a fish farm license.