Surfactants or "surface active agent" is to reduce the surface tension of spray solutions to allow greater contact between the algaecide or herbicides droplets and the target algae or weed species. Because surfactants allow this closer contact with the leaf surface it allows the algeicide or herbicide to be more readily absorped by the target specides by increasing the permeability of the cuticle.

Drift control agents (thickeners) modify spray characteristics to reduce spray drift, usually by minimizing small droplet formation.

Sinkers increase the thickness and elasticity of algecides and herbicide spray mixes to improve sinking, contact and sticking of pesticides to aquatic plant surfaces while confining the pesticide to the target area and at a higher concentrate for a longer contact time. Sinkers are generally used in deep water in large lakes though there are exceptions.

Non-ionic, biodegradable surfactant and sinker. For use in large lake applications
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Cygnet Plus

Add to herbicide and algaecide applications to reduce surface tension for better wetting and sticking.

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Cide Kick II


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ABI Anti - Foam

ABI's Anti - Foam rapidly breaks up foam and aids the gaseous exchange between lakes and ponds and the atmosphere. ABI's Anti - foam is harmless to all filtration bacteria, fish, plants and water using wildlife.



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