Bio Boost All Season Blend Bacteria

Your pond deserves the rewards adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes can bring about but it's not always possible when budgets are tight. With this in mind, we developed Bio Boost All Season Bacteria Blend.



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An economical alternative


Bio Boost All Season Blend is a unique formula of bacterial cultures-many which naturally occur in lakes and ponds and a few that do not. Bio Boost All Season Blend contains 1/8 the concentration (1 billion CFU/Gram) Bio Boost Polar & Summer Blend contain, making it an economical alternative.
(Note: Bio Boost Polar Blend & Bio Boost Summer Blend contains 8 billion CFU/gram making them the best we have to offer).

Bio Boost All Season Blend will work to balance your pond by encouraging all cultures to work in harmony.

The Benefits of Using Bio Boost All Season Blend

Economical Independently Lab Certified to Contain (1 BILLION CFU/gram)
All Strains Confirmed Non-Pathogenic Consumes Nutrients
Clarifies Water & Restores Pond Balance Reduces Sludge Buildup

Dosage Rates

Bio Boost All Season Blend will work in water temps as low as 40 degrees F. but best results are seen works in water temperature 60° F and up.  While Bio Boost All Season Blend .appreciates aeration, it is not required.

  1. Determine volume of lake/pond in acre-feet of water (1 acre-foot of water equals 1 surface acre or 43,560square feet with an average depth of 1 foot, or 325,869 gallons)
  2. Determine amount of Bio Boost All Season Blend required using the chart below.
  3. Mix Bio Boost All Season Blend in a pail containing lake or pond water for easier dispersion. May also be mixed with Bio Boost Enzymes and applied together.
  4. Disperse Bio Boost All Season Blend along the shoreline.
  5. Apply maintenance treatment amount every two weeks after initial application
Lake or Pond Organic Condition
Initial Application
Maintenance Application

High Content

3 lbs./acre foot

1.5 lbs./acre foot

Medium Content

3 lbs./acre foot

1.0 lbs./acre foot

Low Content

3 lbs./acre foot

0.5 lbs./acre foot

 Common Questions & Answers

Q: Is Bio Boost All Season Blend toxic?

A: No

Q: Will Bio Boost All Season Blend harm Waterfowl?

A: No

Q: Will the use of other chemicals affect the performance of Bio Boost All Season Blend?

A: The only chemical that has effect on the performance of this product is Copper.

Q: Will Bio Boost All Season Blend work if I have a lot of algae?

A: Generally, yes