Bio Boost Summer Blend Bacteria

   summer blend

Bio Boost Summer Blend Bacteria contains a specific blend of high quality, naturally occurring mesophilic (warm-loving) microorganisms along with a potent blend of 23 essential vitamins, bio-stimulants, and catalyzing enzymes custom blended for lakes and ponds.




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Supercharge Your Pond's Ability to Degrade Organics in Warm Weather.


By introducing and maintaining Bio Boost Summer Blend Bacteria in your lake or pond throughout the summer the pre-existing bacteria populations become supercharged enhancing their ability to reduce nutrients and degrade organic material.

For temperatures reaching 65 degrees Fahrenheit and higher, this product is great for lowering BOD (biological oxygen demand) and TSS (total suspended solids). On average customers who use our Bio Boost Warm Water Bacteria during spring and summer, report a 30-60% improvement in water quality and clarity.

The Benefits of Using Bio Boost Summer Blend

Independantly Lab Certified to Contain the Highest Concentration of Bacteria Available (8 BILLION CFU/gram) Extremely Active Bacteria Strains
Customized Gram-Negative Bacteria Blend for Warm Weather Performance DNA Tested to Confirm Strains and Verify Quality and Content
Short Reproduction Time (30 Minutes), Little Mortality on First Budding All Strains are Confirmed to be Non-Pathogenic
Consumes Nutrients Reduces Sludge
Lowers Ammonia Clarifies Water & Restores Pond Balance

 Performance Example:

With out of hand hydrodictyon (a hard to control algae) this pond was a headache for the homeowners. By adding aeration, Enzyme 300 blended with an algaecide/herbicide, along with our Bio Boost Summer Blend and muck digester pellets, this pond cleaned up like never before. Rather than just killing the hydrodictyon we disrupted its life cycle.

Enzymes Produced By Bio Boost Summer Blend Bacteria

By producing their own enzymes Bio Boost Summer Blend Bacteria is capable of digesting leaf litter, dead algae cells, grass clippings, dead plant matter, goose manure, fish waste and other organic materials.

Amylase Breaks Down Starch
Pectinase Breaks Down Pectin Found in the Cell Walls of Plants
Ligninase Breaks Down Lignans That Strengthen the Cell Walls of Plants
Cellulase Breaks dow the Cell Wall Fibers
Keratinase Breaks Down Wool, Hair, Feathers, Etc.
Lipase Breaks Down Fats

Dosage Rates

Properly aerated water is highly recommended

  1. Determine volume of lake/pond in acre-feet of water (1 acre-foot of water equals 1 surface acre or 43,560square feet with an average depth of 1 foot, or 325,869 gallons)
  2. Determine amount of ABI Bio Boost Summer Blend Bacteria required using the chart below.
  3. Mix ABI Bio Boost Summer Blend Bacteria in a pail containing lake or pond water for easier dispersion. May also be mixed with Bio Boost Enzymes and applied together.
  4. Disperse ABI Bio Boost Summer Blend Bacteria along the shoreline.
  5. Apply maintenance treatment amount every two weeks after initial application
Lake or Pond Organic Condition
Initial Application
Maintenance Application

High Content

3 lbs/acre foot

1.5 lbs/acre foot

Medium Content

3 lbs/acre foot

1.0 lbs/acre foot

Low Content

3 lbs/acre foot

0.5 lbs/acre foot