Pond Construction

Whether you are planning to build an irrigation pond, industrial pond, a golf course water hazard, an aquatic food plot or a water feature in your own front yard, Aquatic Biologists, Inc. is here to help. For over 40 years, Aquatic Biologists, Inc. has been helping businesses, homeowners, golf courses and municipalities build the ponds of thier dreams. From design & consulting to pond liner installation and everything in between, our years of experience will get your pond built right!

Aquatic Biologists, Inc. on site pond construction consultation and liner installation area includes all of Wisconsin along with portions of Northern Illinois and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our liners can be shipped anywhere within the continental United States. Visit our pond liner page to learn more our shop our web store.

New Pond Consultation - What to Expect

  1. Discussion of your pond objectives and expectations.
  2. Realistic short and long range goals and priorities? Is swimming, fishing, wildlife, or aesthetics important?
  3. We share with you many of our projects and ideas on what can and/or should be done to enhance your site, oriented towards your realistic goals.
  4. Discussion of the overall pond design - location, shape, size, depth, beach areas, maintenance access, water sources, and other concerns.
  5. Review pond construction criteria - excavator entrance and locations for fill or pond spoils.
  6. Discussion of your pond's proximity to lakes, rivers, creeks, and wetlands and rules that may or may not apply.
  7. Overview of government rules, regulations, and permits as they may or may not pertain to your site.
  8. We discuss preventative maintenance and associated costs.
  9. When fish are important, we discuss forage fish, game fish, stocking rates, fish habitat, and how this relates to fish carrying capacity. We want to help identify the limiting factors in your pond so you can catch more fish. Fish also play a major role in tying up nutrients.
  10. A follow-up report and/or estimate outlining the items discussed, priorities, recommendations, next steps and/or costs.