Filter Fabric

Filter fabric is a geotextile material made from needle punched polypropylene polymers which are chemically and biologically inert. Filter fabric looks and feels similar to felt.

Filter fabric will not decompose in soil due to bacterial or fungal action.  In normal use, it is unaffected by acids, alkalis, oils, and most chemical solvents. The primary functions performed in a geotechnical application are drainage (filtration), soil separation (confinement), soil reinforcement (load distribution), and above or below pond liners to prevent puncturing.

Typical Installation

Filter Fabric

Erosion Control

Filter fabric provides a perfect base for rip-rapping under stones or rocks on the shoreline of lakes and ponds to prevent shoreline erosion.  Filter fabric may be used to aid in limiting emergent and submerged vegetation (i.e. cattails).  Filter fabric prevents excess soil from washing into the water and deters muskrat burrowing.

Beach Areas

Filter fabric provides an excellent base under sand or pea stone in beach areas, along shorelines, and in the water.  Filter fabric provides a barrier between soft bottoms and your chosen beach material.  Filter fabric will not allow the two materials to mix, and due to its load distribution effect, swimmers will not sink into the substrate. A solid benthic layer is produced.

Spawning Areas

Filter fabric provides an excellent base for pea stone or gravel when adding spawning habitat for fish.  The filter fabric prevents gravel from sinking into the bottom substrate.

Pond Liners

Filter fabric is frequently used under pond liners to prevent rocks, jagged stones, or other sharp materials from puncturing pond liners. Filter fabric is also used on top of liners around the pond perimeter as a base to protect the liner side slopes from rocks/stone punctures, rip-rapping, and to help hold sand, stones, or rocks on the steep side slopes.

In some pond liner installation sites filter fabric may be required to act as an underlayment providing extra protection underneath the primary liner. Having an underlayment can prolong the life of your liner, protecting it from any sharp objects that can possibly puncture the liner, making it more durable and long lasting.

Long Lasting

Filter fabric is not susceptible to biological or chemical breakdown. Filter fabric lasts years though it is important to note this material is not UV protected and should be covered as direct exposure to sunlight will break it down over time.

Standard size rolls are 12 ½' x 360' and 15' x 300'. Filter fabric can be cut to any length. Custom welded filter fabric panels are available to match your liner dimensions making installation easier and more convenient for you. Custom panels save you time and money in the process.

8 ounce filter fabric is ideal for most applications but it is also available in in 4 or 12 ounce rolls.