RPE Pond Liners

Whether you are planning to build an irrigation pond, industrial pond, a golf course water hazard, an aquatic food plot or a water feature in your own front yard, Aquatic Biologists, Inc. has the pond liner you need. We also have other pond building supplies available including anti-seep collars, water control valves and filter fabric. Bentonite, ESS-13 and erosion control supplies are also available for existing ponds experiencing leaks or erosion issues.

Aquatic Biologists, Inc has been working with pond liners since the time our company was founded in 1977. Our years of experience in the design and installation of lined ponds allows ABI to assist you with many preventative management options to maintain water quality for years to come.

Our experienced pond liner installers are ready to build the pond you've been dreaming of. During fall, winter and spring ABI normally installs pond liners ranging in size from approximately a 1/3 of an acre or larger in size within our normal service area. Call us at 1-800-442-6648 for more information.

Where Can a Pond Liner be Used?

Pond liners allow you to have a lake or pond almost anywhere! Liners are used in the construction of small lakes, ponds, water gardens, wildlife ponds, livestock and wastewater lagoons. The reason so many types of ponds use a liner is to prevent water from seeping into the surrounds soil while allowing the pond to be dug in the shapes and depths required to maintain water levels. Aspects of the pond such as size, quality goals, budget, property value, and species of fish, longevity, geology, wildlife, and maintenance need to be considered. Lined ponds support fish, aquatic plants and most often maintain clearer water than earthen ponds.


ABI 20 Mil Woven

ABI 24 Mil Woven

ABI 24 Mil PPL

ABI 30 Mil Woven

ABI 40 Mil Woven (Double Scrim)

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Fish & Plant Safe

All of the pond liners we carry save for fish and aquatic plants. The primary function of our liners is to allow a safe containment environment, so these liners were engineered to function as such.


Aquatic Biologists, Inc. takes pride in the high quality of pond liner material we have available for our clients. Some of the benefits of our pond liners include:

  1. Resistant to punctures and tears.
  2. Lighter weight (larger factory panels)
  3. Excellent UV resistance (exposure to sunlight)
  4. Less expensive than most of the competition.

Unlike the weaker PVC and EPDM pond liners, puncture of tour liners from underneath is virtually unheard of when the correct thickness and underlayment material (if needed) is utilized. The other liners are supposed to go over extremely smooth surfaces, and some require that a soil cover be placed over the liner to protect it from damage. Overall, our BTLâ„¢ and PPLâ„¢ liners are some of the most versatile liners on the market. In addition, our liners do not need to be completely covered with sand or soil to enforce the warranty for the vast majority of installations.

Industry Approved

Thousands of square feet of our pond liners have been used by thousands of large and small users. It is approved by numerous governmental agencies, engineering companies, and environmental departments nationwide, including Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Oregon State DEQ, State of Washington, USDA/NRCS, and the environmental departments of Marathon, UNOCAL, Conoco, and Arco oil companies. We sell the only pond liners approved by the United States Department of Agriculture for non-soil covered conditions for irrigation ponds up to 2 acres in size.

Our pond liners are composed of a polyethylene product, so it has hydrocarbon, chemical, and UV resistance. It also has excellent cold crack characteristics (-65F). It is an excellent flexible membrane liner choice due to price, installation service, prompt availability, approvals, past and present users, capabilities, stability, and inherent strength and resistance characteristics.


All of the liners described within our website come with 10 - 25 year warranties depending on the pond liner's thickness (the thicker the liner the longer the warranty covers).

Measuring A Pond

If the pond is empty, measure from the anchor trench or shelf down the slope, across the bottom, up to the limit of the trench or shelf in both the widest length and width. Aquatic Biologists, Inc. recommends adding two - three feet in every direction for anchoring.

It is always best to measure your pond when it is empty, but at times this might not be possible. If the pond is full, measure your ponds widest width, longest length and deepest depth (in feet).  Please note: the pond will need to be drained prior to installing your new pond liner. As such, we recommend draining the pond and verifying your final liner size prior to ordering.

Please feel free to use our Pond Liner Calculator for help determining what size liner your pond requires. ABI makes no representations or guarantees to the actual size required or warranted for each individual project. Please contact us for further information.