Consulting & Services for Lakes and Ponds


Not all pond owners require our full consultation services but may have a quick question regarding an issue with their pond, lake or water garden and need to be pointed in the right direction or need a second opinion. We can answer any brief questions you may have. While we attempt to be as detailed as possible we can only provide general answers to your pond questions without spending time learning about your unique system.

ABI's on site consultations are a sound investment instead of a cost, especially considering the money you save by taking advantage of our experience and efficient construction methods. Our fees are similar to what a Landscape Architect would charge. If we don't believe we can give you a better habitat value, we will tell you. For instance, if you want a muddy pond to water livestock, you don't need our help. If your dream is an aesthetically beautiful and natural aquatic habitat with low maintenance, we can get you to your goal. Click here for a partial list of the consultations ABI provides.


Aquatic Biologists, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with the most complete and cost-effective solutions for the management of their lakes and ponds. Our customers rely on us for comprehensive, in-depth assessment of the needs and challenges they face. Our broad range of on-site services ensures our customers complete satisfaction in the end-result.