Muck Grinder

In order to manage your pond on a day to day you should keep some standard pond management equipment at the ready.

Professional Grade
Algaecide & Herbicide Application Equipment
Cutters, Nets & Rakes

Herbicide Blower App2

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Having the right application equipment saves time, money and effort. This area contains application equipment for large jobs normally performed by a liscensed applicator.

For small jobs ABI recommends checking your local hardware store for backpack sprayers or hand held fertilizer spreaders.

You should have a cutter (to cut the weeds) and a rake to remove the weeds from the pond after their cut. Nets are nice to have on hand for removing muck, algae, fish, etc.
Fisheries Equipment
Muck Grinder

Wil o the wisp

Muck Grinder at Work

Everything you need to keep your fish happy; fish food, feeders, and habitat structures. Professional muck removal equipment for small ponds where dredging would not otherwise be possible.