Anti-Seep Collars

Anti-seep collars are available to prevent leakage around most pipe sizes to make your pond or lake installation project work smoothly and get done right the very first time. Basically what an anti-seep collar does is prevents water from seeping down the outside of the pipe which could wash out the pipe.

Water Control Valves

Uses Include:
  1. Containing water levels for maximum depths desired
  2. Flushing floating algae and debris
  3. Reduce bottom nutrients and bad gases
  4. Maintaining proper water levels to help control nuisance aquatic plants
  5. Regulate and contain water levels before, during, and after a chemical treatment
  6. To help reduce or compact bottom sediment
  7. Help manage or repair dykes, levees, or shoreline
  8. Flooding water body and prevent freezing
  9. Growing food and provide cover for wildlife (flooding).

Stand up Discharge Pipe with Removable Riser

Stand Up Discharge


  • Discharge pipe allows high water to flow outside of the berm around pond.
  • Riser (6"-8" tall) can be removed to lower water levels and to clean out surface algae and debris around the bar guard.
  • If possible locate the discharge pipe on the north side, west side, or where debris usually collects.

Bar Guard

Bar Guard Bar Guard 2

Bar Guard 3

  • Unique design helps keep intakes from plugging with debris.
  • Helps keep fish from escaping through discharge.
  • Protects pond pipes from rodents.
  • 4" through 12" diameter bar guards are constructed of 1/4" rod
  • 15" through 36" diameter bar guards are constructed of 5/16" rod.
  • 42" and 48" bar guards constructed of 3/8" rod.
  • Yellow and black powder coated finish resists corrosion.

Inline Water Level Control Structure

  • Inline structure is used to control water levels and or to draw out less desirable (nutrient rich) water from the bottom of the water body.
  • The structure can be located at the water's edge or set back into the bank at a location that is at the water level or lower.In Line Control
  • Constructed of 1/2" PVC with lockable lid.
  • Stainless and anodized hardware used for durability.
  • Flexible couplers allow PVC and plastic pipe to be easily attached.
  • Stoplogs made of 1/2" PVC in 5" and 7" heights for adjustability.

Emergency Overflow

Emergency Overflow

  • Emergency overflow allows excess water to leave pond at a designated outlet.
  • This outlet should be slightly lower than the water bodies' banks.
  • The outlet can be made of rock or be a small dip in the bank.
  • Filter fabric should be used under rocks or over the ground to prevent erosion and sediment buildup.
  • Overflow is cost effective, has a natural look, and can prevent erosion.