ABI's Innovative Granular Herbicide Blower

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For Granular Weed and Algae Control Applications

Aquatic Biologists, Inc. (ABI) knew there had to be a better way to perform aquatic granular herbicide and algaecide applications.  We spent many years researching and testing various application methods until we developed our innovative ABI granular blower line.  Now we would not use anything else!

Our ABI blowers are 4-5 times faster than conventional application methods. th it's 360o  pivot, applicators are able to easily reach hard to get angles without shifting their body.  The point and shoot application method combined with a variable speed mechanism allows applicators to target around obstructions easily, resulting in less herbicide waste, more productivity and lower labor costs.  The ABI blower can also be locked into one position.

Back Side View

Top ViewEach ABI blower features a stress relieved, chrome plated cylinder for longer engine life.  Weighing only 50 pounds, the ABI blower easily mounts to the bow or stern of any boat, 4 wheeler or  golf cart!  Clean up is easy due to its high air velocity and volume.

Optional clings for side screen are available for making it easier to monitor product usage levels for several of the most commonly used products.

ABI recommends using our Granular Herbicide Blower with boats 14' in length or greater, golf carts or atv's. May be used with smaller boats depending on boat weight capacity. The ABI Herbicide Granular Blower is also ideal for terristrial applications such as fire ant control!

Herbicide Blower AppWarranty:

1 year professionals; 2 year homeowners; 5 year all electronic ignition modules


The ABI Herbicide Granular Blower 7800 serviced at most Tanaka Dealers.

ABI Herbicide Granular Blower 7800 Specifications

Air Velocity - 205 mph

Horsepower - 65 cc, 4.3 HP
Air Volume - 650 cfm (816 max) Ingition System - Transistorized Electric

Carburetion Walbro Diaphragm - Equipped

Unit Weight - 55 lbx.
Fuel Tank Capacity - 2.1 Liters Spreading Distance/Length: 30 - 80 + feet
Hopper Capacity - 100 + Lbs Noise Level (Engine) - 77 dba
Ploycarbonate Plastic Back (Side) Viewing Screen - 2" W x 12" L

Ploycarbonate Plastic Top View Screen - 9.75" W x 10" L

Handles Included - Attach where they work best for you!

Stainless Steel Pivot Mount - Included, Additional Mounts Available