Cutters Nets & Rakes

Lake Rakes, water weed cutters, and nets are commonly used to remove floating algae and aquatic weeds from lakes and ponds. By physically removing algae and weeds nutrient levels may be reduced. Algae and weeds are not left to decompose,thereby eliminating aesthic issues while allowing for do-it-youself reduction of weed and algae growth. All Rakes and Weed Cutters are in stock and ready for purchase.


Weedrazer Express

weed razor pro

Aqua Weed Cutter (Weedrazor)

Cuts plants off at the roots.
If you've ever tried to cut aquatic weeds in your lake or pond, you know what a miserable job it is. This aquatic weed cutter will do in two hours what would take two days to do by hand.

Aqua Weed Cutter Express (Weedrazer Express)

Cuts a 30" path, making it ideal for cutting in tight places and handling the thickest stands of vegetation like cattails. At just over 6 pounds, the Weed Razer Express can be used by even the most petite in stature.

Aqua Weed Cutter Pro (Weedrazor Pro)

Our newest cutter the Weed Razor Pro (Aqua Weed Cutter Pro) is adjustable, cutting from 12 inches all the way up to 62 inches or 1.57 meters.

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Algae & Muck Net

ABI's Algae & Muck Net is made of professional grade material in the USA. Features include a 6 foot handle and a net designed to scoop filamentous algae and bottom muck out of lakes and ponds.

Aqua Weed Eradicator
Lightweight and sturdy, this unique rake uses a 28" double-sided serrated edge blade to cut and pluck weeds as it's pulled toward you.
Aqua Weed Lake Rake
Use the Aqua Weed Rake to skim floating aquatic plants and algae or remove the float to use on submerged weeds. 3' wide head with 3" long rigid aluminum teeth.
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Weed Raker

Beachcomber Lake Rake

The Beach Comber lake rake pulls out the entire plant preventing future growth. Also, effective at removing muck, dead leaves, sticks, golf balls and other debris.

Available while supplies last!

Weed Raker - Beach, Pond & Lake Rake

Aquatic Biologists, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Weed Raker!

The Weed Raker has become ABI's new #1 choice for raking beaches, docks, swimming areas, ponds, resorts, golf courses and in mucky rocky site conditions. Compared to the Beach Comber Lake Rake the Weed Raker is easier assemble, has a longer handle and improved tine flexablity.

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