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ABI's Algae & Muck Net is the only net you'll ever need for your lake or pond maintenance! Each net is constructed using extra heavy-duty, triple-reinforced, aircraft aluminum guaranteed to last for years to come.

The 9 foot handle is plugged for flotation with a lightweight, yet very strong design. Additional handle extensions may be special ordered for added length.

A plastic guard laced around front and sides of the 16" L x 15" W frame provides added protection against abrasion and snagging. Each net is made of non abrasive, white, Atlas knotless nylon (3/16" open spaces) with flat bottoms for easy algae and muck removal. Handles attach to the frame head by a heavy-duty snap button coupler for quick change or breakdown.

This is a great tool for lake and pond owners wishing to scoop out muck and other debris were it creates a nuisance. The Algae & Muck Net has been successfully used these nets to clear duckweed, water lettuce, filamentous algae and other vegetation from around docks and piers in bayous and swamps to better see potential dangers.

This net can readily be used for fishing as well! Customers throughout the USA use this net when they need to safely clear debris or see harmful predators thereby preventing injury.

The staff of ABI uses this net almost every day. With almost 40 years in business, ABI has never found a better net.

Other Nets Available

Other types of nets including fyke nets are available by special order. Call 1-800-442-6648 or email