Deep Tines Root Out Unwanted Plants and Debri While the Spring Action Scours the Bottom.

The Beach Comber Lake Rake is no longer available as of 5/9/14.

In its place, Aquatic Biologists, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Weed Raker!

The Weed Raker is easier assembly, has a longer handle and increased tine flexablity making the Weed Raker ABI's new #1 choice for raking beaches, docks, swimming areas, ponds, resorts, golf courses and in mucky rocky site conditions. Follow this link for more information about the Weed Raker.

The BEACHCOMBER LAKE RAKE is a high strength, lightweight rake designed with flexible plastic teeth that remove aquatic vegetation at its source: the roots. The beachcomber can be easily weighted to keep the rake on the bottom of your lake or pond by filling the hollow head with small stones or sand. The additional weight allows the beachcomber lake rake to better grip bottom crud, weeds and trash including sticks, cans, bottles, and rocks.

Ideally Suited for: beaches, cocks, swimming rreas, ponds, resorts, golf courses, mucky or rocky conditions. An optional set of 3 floats is avaiable to remove floating surface weeds, algae and debris that the Beachcomber Lake Rake is unable to collect while submerged.

Use the beachcomber lake rake regularly and you will be amazed by the improvement. Begin early and continue regularly. Roots will be less developed. Amount of debris to be removed will be less substantial. Great for removing cut or dead weeds from the water.

beachcomber_methods.gif There are several methods by which the beachcomber lake rake may be used effectively. A two-man drag with one person at each end, wading from shore, or throwing from a dock.

The beachcomber lake rake features a strong one piece 5 1/2 foot handle made from lightweight aluminum painted white. The rake head is 36 inches wide and has twenty-four, 7 inch flexable plastic tines which bolt to the rake head indiviually for increase durablity. The teeth are impact resistant and tough, yet flexable. The tips of each rake tooth have holes to permit the addition of a filament to aid in pulling weeds from the lake or pond bottom. 100 feet of qualty polypropylene rope is supplied with the Beach Comber. The ropes install or remove easily for operatint the Beach Comber using any of 4 methods.


* We cannot ship EPA registered Algaecides or Herbicides to the following states:

California, Connecticut, Main, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington State