Wil o the wisp
The Will - O' - The - WISP BUG LITE FEEDER
Feed your fish... courtesy of nature



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There are millions of insects around your pond; they're almost pure protein and they are FREE! The Will-o'-the-Wisp Bug Lite/Fish Feeder will take insects out of the air and put them in the water to feed your fish. Install one and watch your fish grow! Using an ultraviolet light to attract insects, the fan pulls bugs into the unit where they are stunned and deposited on the surface of the water. Fish love it! Insects are a natural source of protein for fish. The Bug Lite Fish Feeder helps to keep this food source available for your fish. Easy to install and operates on household current! Five-year warranty on motor and ballast. Costs just pennies a day. Operating 24 hours a day, monthly electrical costs are less than $5.00.

Fish Food

Aqua Max - Omnivorous   Aqua Max - Carnivorous
Aqua Max Fish Food provides complete nutrition




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Fish fed a diet of Aqua Max fish food have better performance, maintain good health and exitbit resistance to disease.

Aqua Max - Carnivorous Formulated for Trout, Hybrid Striped Bass, Yellow Perch, and Red Drum are major carnivorous species that are fed manufactured diets. These fish require high protein, nutrient dense diets that promote growth and maintain good health. Feeding Chart

Aqua Max - Omnivorous Catfish and Tilapia are the major species for this category of diets. These two species do not require the protein levels nor the nutrient density of carnivorous fish, but do require more moderate amounts of nutrients. Omnivorous species are usually warm water animals. Feeding Chart