Beneficial Aquatic Plants

shorelineAll fresh water lake and pond ecosystems depend on the shallow waters near shore. These waters are home to aquatic plants and a variety of animals. By increasing the level of beneficial aquatic plants lakes and ponds experience a host of benefits including:

  • Creating a thriving habitat for animals
  • Creating a network of plant roots to stabilize the water's edge
  • Increasing the spawning success fo many fish species
  • Providing a refuge for near shore animals
  • Provide habitat for many non-game fish species that are often "invisible" to most people
  • Increasing dissolved oxygen for the animals that live in littoral zones
  • Limiting non-native and/or invasive aquatic plant growth
  • Proving food for mammals, waterfowl, insects and fish through the plants fruits and tubers
  • Provide cover and nesting for butterflies, marsh birds, songbirds and waterfowl
  • Submerged plants absorb phosphorus and nitrogen over their leaf surface and through their roots, making nutrients less available for nuisance algae.

For beneficial aquatic plant species available click here.