Floating Islands

Floating Islands and Floating Island Wetlands help improve overall water quality, increase the quantity and diversity of aquatic habitat and provide vital structure and shading for fish.

In nature, natural floating islands, also called sudds, tussocks, floatons, or embalsados, are typically composed of floating vegetation, or peat, or both, along with mud, and may attain substantial thickness and longevity, sustain abundant riparian vegetation, and provide habitat for high densities of fishes. The Floating Islands and Floating Island Wetlands sold by Aquatic Biologists, Inc. mimic the natural wetlands created by Mother Nature.

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Each island is made from recycled plastic drinking bottles. A wide varity of plants can be planted into the islands individual pockets or seed may be scattered across the top of the island. As the plants begin to grow and they push roots downward through the mat and into the water. The roots glean nutrients directly from the water. The island provides shade as the plant roots provide habitat for other water loving insects, additional surface area for beneficial bacteria and places for small fish to congregate. Simply put, floating islands boost the bio capacity of your pond while adding beauty!

Floating islands come in a variety of sizes. Smaller islands that may be shipped via UPS are available for purchase in our online store. Floating islands 25 sq feet or larger in size are available by calling 1-800-442-6648.

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Floating islands are also a viable option in stormwater and wastewater management.