BioFil™ Filters

The new BioFil™Filter is a cost effective and valuable tool to reduce contaminants, nutrients, remove and bind particulates in waterways. Leveraging scientifically accepted technologies, BioFil™Filters use nature to assist in cleaning the water.


  • Microorganisms in the sticky biofilm effectively reduce total suspended solids (TSS), metals, ammonia, nitrates, and bind phosphorus.
  • Biologically activated BioFil works under the water to build a robust biofilm. The vertical deployment provides a broad spectrum of periphyton bacteria communities.
  • Removes E.coli/coliform bacteria.
  • Best Management Practices typically target larger sized particle contaminants. This new tool fills a need for small particles.
  • Wave dampening reduces re-suspension of particles.
  • Circulation and aeration increases efficacy. Benefits are greatly increased when BioFil™Filters  are positioned over aerators or in flowing water.
  • Filter finger panes move and self-clean. The unwanted biofilms slough off and new biofilms develop.
  • BioFil™Filters  can also be anchored below the water's surface.
  • No electricity or added chemicals.

Dimensions: 60 in. wide and extends 60 in. into the water column. Multiple BioFil™Filters can be attached together with a cable. Custom sizes are available.

Prices range from $550.00 - $650.00 depending on quantity ordered. Frieght is additional. Anchoring materials not included.

BioFil Front View Biofil Side View