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(treats 1 - 4 acre feet)
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Bio Boost Nitrifier is a natural biological product. Its sole focus is to keep nitrogen in the aquatic environment low. Nitrogen is often the limiting factor in many pond systems.


Bio Boost Nitrifier is a consortium of autotrophic and heterotrophic organisms that reduce all types of nitrogen. It's not just nitrifiers but it also contains some denitrifying organisms. The great thing about ammonia is when a pond is properly managed you can get rid of it. It will be converted and the process will eventually release nitrogen gas out of the pond and back to the atmosphere. Very useful in ponds where ammonia is the limiting factor.

Bio Boost Nitrifier attacks nitrogen in all its forms, is safe to use & safe for the environment. Bio Boost Nitrifier is great for ponds with ducks, geese, and other waterfowl as well is in ponds where fish are overstocked or overfeed.

Forms of Nitrogen

Nitrogen exists in several forms. The principal types of concern in water are: Total nitrogen, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. In ponds without aeration there is a greater tendency to build up total nitrogen and ammonia. In ponds with aeration nitrite and nitrate buildup can be a concern. If waters are unmanaged, nitrogen may cause problems with respect to algal proliferation and cyanobacteria blooms.

The removal of ammonia by bacteria and oxygen is called 'nitrification' and the reaction looks like this:

Nitrogen Waste -->NH3 (ammonia) -->N02 (nitrite) --> NO3(nitrate)

The conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas is called denitrification:

NO3-->NO2-->N2 O--> N2^ (nitrogen gas)

It's also important to note that the best source of these autotrophic bacteria is from runoff from the soil. This is one reason why ponds look so nice after a gentle rain and so bad during a drought.

Application Rates

Temperature of water 55 -70°F (12.8-21.1°C):
Initial Dose: 4 gallon per 4 acre feet twice per month. Maintenance Dose: 1 gallon per 4 acre feet twice per month

Temperature of water 70°F (21.1°C) and up:
Initial Dose: 1 gallon per 4 acre feet twice per month. Maintenance Dose: ½ gallon per 4 acre feet twice per month

Nitrifier can be added by: boat sprayer, adding near an aerator to help distribute it in the whole pond, from a sprayer on shore, pouring it in around the edge of a pond and/or metering in with a small chemical feeder

Migratory Waterfowl Ponds: Just feed Bio Boost Nitrifier and some Bio Boost Muck Digesting Pellets into a pond when the geese, ducks or other waterfowl come through and this will help uptake the nitrogen so when they leave you're not left with a pond with all kinds of new growth.

Swimming & Fishing Ponds: Swimming and fishing ponds are often well maintained in every way. They have superb aeration which really can build up the nitrite and nitrate. These ponds often develop Oscillatoria and Lyngbya due to the excellent water quality and lack of competing algae species. When these cyanobacteria crop up we recommend Bio Boost Nitrifier and slight aeration.

Bio Boost Nitrifier Helps Almost Any Pond

Golf Courses:

Golf courses use a lot of nitrogen-rich fertilizer and it often ends up in golf ponds.

Retention Ponds with Agricultural Runoff:

Agricultural fertilizers and animal waste ponds get very high in total nitrogen and Bio Boost Nitrifier is an important part of restoring the balance.

Koi Ponds and Koi Farming:

We recommend applying Bio Boost Healthy Koi Pond which was designed specifically with koi in mind.

Shrimp Farming:

In shrimp farming ammonia and nitrates is often the limiting factor, as shrimp need very pure water to grow.