Bio Boost Phosphate Cleanser

(A Liquid Aluminum Chlorohydrate Solution)

Phosphate Cleanser



1 Gallon
(treats 1 acre foot)
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2.5 Gallons
(treats 2.5 acre feet)

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BBPC removes phosphorus from the water. It also seals phosphorus in the bottom sediment further reducing internal phosphorus loading. A liquid material, BBPC is applied by diluting with pond water and spraying it evenly over the entire surface area.

Used as directed, Bio Boost Phosphate Cleanser provides a safe, simple, and inexpensive method of reducing nutrients in water. BBPC is also very effective in removing suspended solids from the water. You will notice a marked improvement in water clarity within 24 hours after treatment. This product will not lower pH like many other alum or aluminum products.

Bio Boost Phosphate Cleaner (BBPC) is a highly concentrated solution of polyaluminum hydroxychloride. It is characterized by having the highest aluminum concentration (23% Al2O3) of any commercially available aluminum based solution. The basicity of ACH at 83% is also the highest available for any polyaluminum based solution. Basicity refers to the degree of acid neutralization and also represents a measure of how highly polymerized the aluminum in BBPC is.

The highly polymerized aluminum species in BBPC have much higher cationic charges than the aluminum in standard salts such as alum or aluminum chloride, and even other polyaluminum products. Therefore, BBPC can offer both a higher level of performance and lower overall dosages. The high degree of acid neutralization (basicity) also means that the effect on pH when applying BBPC will be negligible. BBPC also effectively coagulates over a broader pH range (as high as 9.5) versus traditional metal salts and lower basicity Pacl.

Applications and Benefits:
  • Lake, Pond, Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment
    Bio Boost Phosphate Cleanser is generally employed as the primary coagulant in potable water and industrial water treatment plants, replacing the need for other coagulants such as alum, and in many cases also eliminating or at least greatly reducing the need for pH adjustment chemicals, coagulant aids and filter aids.

Consistently recognized benefits of converting to Bio Boost Phosphate Cleanser are:
- Improved turbidity removal
- Improved color removal
- Increased TOC (Total Organic Carbon) removal
- Lower filter turbidities
- Increased filter run length
- Simplified operations by eliminating pH and secondary polyelectrolyte feed
- Lower overall treatment costs

  • Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
    Bio Boost Phosphate Cleanser is also used in wastewater treatment applications for:
    - TSS (Total Suspended Solids) removal
    -Metals removal
    -Phosphate removal
    - COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) reduction in industrial wastewater treatment
    - BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) removal in municipal wastewater treatment
  • Pulp and Paper - On Machine
    Bio Boost Phosphate Cleanser is also used in several on machine applications as a:
    - Size bonding agent
    - Anionic trash scavenger
    - Retention and drainage aid
    - Pitch control additive


    One gallon of BBPC normally treats 1 acre foot (326,000 gallons) of water when total phosphorous levels are between 0.03 and 0.06 ppm. To calculate the amount of material required to treat your pond or lake, estimate the number of acres and multiply by the average (not the maximum) depth in feet. This will give you acre feet of water. Add one to three gallons of BBPC per acre foot depending on total phosphorous levels. There is a broad enough safety margin built into this product that this estimation should provide excellent results.